Tryst With Relatives

The operatic and forlorn Indri melodies, likened to a whale’s vocals, punctuated by crackling of twigs under our strides, place us into a stupor. Our stroll through the downpour woods was overpowered with the odor of bark, greenery and clears out. In the event that it were not for the trails, investigating the Mantadia National Park, Andasibe, Madagascar would be troublesome. Thank God, it was not rainstorm!

We ran over a trio of diurnal Wooly lemurs. Like sloths, they were brimming with vitality! Virginie said that they were a couple with their adolescent posterity. These tan unwashed teddies did raise our trusts of detecting an Indri.

Aina, our cranky aide for the past evening’s night stroll into the National Park, had perplexingly fallen wiped out. It could be on account of she didn’t get any tip. I was happy, on the grounds that her insight into lemurs and English appeared simple. We had met our new guide, Virginie in the morning. Looking at us without flinching, she had flashed her tan teeth. “Manao Hoana”, she had welcomed us in Malagasy.

“Indri!”, Virginie shouted, guiding towards the shelter of the timberland. Some say that early aides had pointed at the lemurs and yelled, “Indry” or “there it is” and French naturalist Pierre Sonnerat mixed up Indri to be the name of the biggest lemur. That is the means by which Babakoto was re-initiated to Indri.

We found attempting to associate through the thick foliage. These divas live on a specific eating methodology and can’t make due in imprisonment. Thus, we attempted our best to catch them in our cams.

As I viewed their smooth developments from tree to tree, I thought about the past evening when we had been to Vakona Lodge, Andasibe.

“Look!!” shouted my companion as our kayak arrived at the Lemur Island in Vakona Lodge. We both gazed at a Diademed Sifaka, strolling towards us on the railing of the bamboo wharf. With its raised hands, it jogged towards us like an energized orang-utan. Starting now, it was the performance welcome board of trustees and its euphoria lay in banana mash that the handler/ boatman had for it.

Our kayak ride was excruciatingly a few seconds long; it was over a couple of meters wide channel. The water kept saved lemurs marooned on the island. As these lemurs had used a piece of their lives in human bondage, their re-presentation into the wild was unrealistic. Rainforest encompasses the Lemur Island. Consequently, these creatures are closest to their regular territory.

The boatman provided for us squashed banana as a treat for this dark confronted primate. I put some of it on my palm and stretched out it to the Sifaka. I anticipated that it will grab it out of my hand; rather, it tenderly held the base of my wrist and licked the mash. Its hands were as delicate as an infant’s palms. Undoubtedly, we were connected!

In minutes, a Black and White Ruffed Lemur, approached us. Our old companion almost assaulted it yet then the boatman cum guide cum handler differentiated them.